Sant Tukaram says,
नलगे मुक्ति आणि संपदा । संतसंग देई सदा ।। तुका म्हणे गर्भवासी । सुखें घालावें आम्हांसी ।। (Marathi)
Translation: I don’t need moksha or prosperity, give me the company of people on the spiritual path. If I have that, I don’t care if I have to keep taking more births. 

So, why is the company of people on the spiritual path so important? 

We know, we are born to repay(or reap) karma from earlier life, called Prarabdha Karma. So, there may be times in our life, where we may fall for temptation, derailing our spiritual progress. 

Add to that, life is full of temptations, and they come in various forms and shapes, but having the company of people on the spiritual path, will help us stay away from these temptations. 

Such a company will also help us in staying away from bad people, additionally, motivate us to make further progress and guide us when we are in doubt or low emotionally. Then what else we need, right?

All the Best!