सोपी पायवाट (Easy Trail)

तुका म्हणे सोपी केली पायवाट । उतरावया भवसागर रे ॥ (Sant Tukaram Abhang, Marathi)
Saints in India, through their teachings, writings, and lives, have set up trails, which, any one of us can just follow and come out of the cycle of life and death, says Sant Tukaram.

India is a fortunate country, where, ever since ancient times, we always have had a steady flow of Gurus/Saints, who, through their writings, teachings, and lives, have guided people.

Pandharpur has been an epicenter of the various Maharashtrian saints for over the last 800 years and has helped people sail through darker times of various invasions and atrocities.

A few years back, we went to Pandharpur, and even today, it feels like we are still there. Such is the atmosphere and energy of that place. No wonder that it pulls people from all walks of life to come over there every year, for a Vari (annual festival).

On this day of Ashadhi Ekadashi, let’s make a conscious effort to take up the trails that have been set up for us by these saints, and make progress towards the goal, that they have envisioned for us.