In earlier posts, we covered, why we need spiritual knowledge, steps to gain it, and obstacles during the path. 

But, the question remains, what are we looking for as we start to gain more knowledge? 

During our school/college days we use to study to get good grades. In our professional life, we work for, appreciation, promotions, the impact of work, money, etc. 

But, on the spiritual path, what are we looking for? 

If we look at the study methods, when we study other fields, like finance, medicine, engineering, etc, our main goal is to “learn” the concepts and then “apply” them to solve problems. 

But, in the case of spiritual knowledge, the aim is very different. It is not just “learn and apply”, but instead “be” that knowledge, which is also called as अनुभूति. 

That is the reason, the techniques that worked for many of us in school/colleges won’t necessarily work for spiritual knowledge too. 

For spiritual progress, it doesn’t matter how many various scriptures we read, or how long we study. But, what matters is how much have we experience from whatever we study. 

This is the reason, there is a lot of importance given to Manan (contemplation) and Nidhidhyasan (Meditation). 

In the early phases, we need to spend more time doing reading and contemplation. But, as you start making progress, we need to shift the focus to contemplation and Meditation. 

This way, with more progress, we will have an opportunity to experience what we understood. 

All the Best!