आनंद (Bliss/Happiness)

As we saw in the post on “Indriya, Mana, Buddhi, Aatma”, Aatma, even though the master of our bodily system, is hidden behind layers of Indriya, Mana and Buddhi. 

Many a times we even mistake ourselves as Indriya, Mana or Buddhi, and let them control the life. Due to that, we go behind things that make Indriya/Mana/Buddhi happy, but that happiness does not last long.

If we try to focus inwards, and reach out to Aatma, by cutting the layers Indriya, Mana and Buddhi, we will know ‘who we really are’ and ‘what really makes us happy in true sense’. Once we know that, we can achieve the happiness that will last forever.

Additionally, there is one more question, that some may ask, Why everyone in the world is trying to be happy? Why is happiness so sought after?

The reason is, आनंद (happiness) is our ‘true-nature’, coming from Aatma. Even though, Aatma is covered behind layers of Indriya, Mana and Buddhi, it makes its presence felt, by pushing us towards happiness. This is the reason, every one is looking for happiness, but most of us end up in looking for in wrong place.

Sant Tukaram covers this very beautifully in his one of his abhangas:

(In Marathi)
आनंदाचे डोही आनंदतरंग । आनंद चि अंग आनंदाचे ॥
काय सांगो जालें कांहीचियाबाही । पुढें चाली नाहीं आवडीनें ॥
गर्भाचे आवडी मातेचा डोहळा । तेथींचा जिव्हाळा तेथें बिंबे ॥
तुका म्हणे तैसा ओतलासे ठसा । अनुभव सरिसा मुखा आला ॥

While feeling he captured is very difficult to translate, but what he meant is: In this ‘universal-pond’ of bliss/happiness, ‘we, the ripples’ are also made up of bliss, nothing else. Just as pregnant woman, who starts liking things as per the child in her womb, we, even if ‘we-want-or-dont-want’, are drawn towards this happiness inside us. The experience Tukaram got by tasting this eternal bliss, has left mark on him.