Are Gods from all religion same?

Even though, Hindus have 33koti (330 million) Gods, but at the core, we believe that there is only one god/energy that governs and fills this entire universe, and these millions of gods are just different manifestation of that same energy.

Vedanta calls this universal energy ‘Brahman’ and it’s goal of Vedic literature to help everyone experience this universal energy, within and outside, and hence this Vedic knowledge is also called as “Brahma-Vidya”.

Due to that, I have a complete faith in Islamic Allah or Christian God or gods from any other religions, it’s just that I happen to call them Krishna/Shiva/Shakti.

Hinduism chose of have millions of manifestation of that energy, as different people like worshiping in different ways.

Some people like father figure as god, some like mother as god, some like animal as god, some like child as god, some like trees as god, some like celestial bodies/planets as god, some like living people as god, some see all-pervading invisible entity as god and so on.

Even worshiping formless god like Islam or father god like Christianity, are valid forms of worship in Hinduism. Not only that, even not-believing in god, and believing in natural energy or force etc, are also valid paths.

In short, Hinduism has pulled out all stops, to help people grow on the spiritual path. It’s on us individuals to use this knowledge and elevate ourselves.

BTW, Next logic question people may ask, if all god are same, then are all religions same too??? That’s a different question and the topic of another post someday.