Contributing Authors:

Raghunath Deshmukh
Having started his journey into spiritual world in teen years, Raghunath likes to read, write and contemplate on Hinduism’s views on various aspects of daily life.

He considers views of Adi Shankarcharya, Sant Dnyaneshwar, Gajanan Maharaj and Swami Vivekananda as greatest influence.

He also has Masters from Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore and currently works with a technology major in Silicon Valley, along with contributing into this blog.

Rajshree Deshmukh
Rajshree comes with a great influence of Vedic tradition through her maternal side, having introduced to various scriptures from very early age.

Her interest also include various crafts, painting, cooking and astrology. She is also an author of books on craft and beauty and manages her youtube channel.

She also has Master of Computer science and currently working on her new book, along with contributing into this blog.


Rajshree and Raghunath stay in Cupertino, California with their daughter.


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