How to live?

If we have to give up desires and stop identifying with the body, what remains? How are we supposed to live?

Answer to these questions is given by Sant Gora Kumbhar is his beautiful Abhanga:
तुझे रूप चित्ती राहो, मुखी तुझे नामदेह प्रपंचाचा दास, सुखे करो काम (Marathi)
The responsibilities and duties are for the body, so let the body do what it is required to do; for me, my mind should be always fixated on God/Brahman, with only its name on my lips.

This is one of the best advice, as, by living this way, we will be fulfilling our responsibilities towards society/family, without compromising on spiritual progress.

But, why are we supposed to fulfill our responsibilities if we are going on the spiritual path?

To answer this, let’s revisit karma a bit. As we know, we are born here to repay(or reap) Prarabdha karma, while Sanchit Karama being the total accumulated karma.

When we make advances on the spiritual path and reach the ultimate destination, Sanchit karma is wiped off so there are no more birth/deaths. But, Prarabdha karma does not get wiped off, as it is associated with the body, and the body is still there.

That’s why we need to let the body continue to do what it needs to do while enjoying the spiritual bliss in the mind.

All the Best!

PS: The state where Sanchit karma is wiped off is called ‘Dagdha-Bija (or burnt seed)’. Like a burnt seed does not germinate, there are no additional birth/deaths.