Karma Phala Tyaga

According to the philosophy of karma, what we do comes back to us, more like newton’s third law.

Karma is of three types:
1. Prarabdha : We are born to spend this karma in current life.
2. Sanchit : All accumulated karma from earlier lives, which is generally huge and destined to fructify in future lives.
3. Agami : It is the result of actions done in the pres­ent life, which will get added into Sanchit.

We take birth to spend the karma accumulated in earlier lives and while spending accumulated karma we end up creating new ones. And to spend this newly created Karma, we need to take additional births. This way the cycle of birth and death continues.

As per Karma Yoga, only way-out here is to live life without generating any new karma. That way we can slowly clear the accumulated karma and come out of this cycle of life and birth.

Living life without generating any new karma is “Doing work for the sake of work, without expecting anything in return”. But, that is not easy to follow as we are programmed to look for something while doing any work.

Better and easier option is to wholeheartedly offering whatever we do or earn to Ishta Devata, and enjoying everything only as Prasad. This also helps in keeping ego in check and we stop doing things like revenge, hatred, jealousy, as it’s difficult to offer that to God.

Given that food also generates karma, whatever food we cook/bring, is first offered to God, and then eaten as Prasad to sustain the body.

The key here is doing it wholeheartedly, not to show someone, but for ourselves. There is no judge, we ourselves are the judge for our actions, and we have to be truthful to our own self. Anyway, this is our own spiritual journey.

All the Best!