Question Everything!

Hinduism doesn’t ask anyone to follow anything blindly, rather asking question is highly encouraged and required for spiritual progress. That is the reason, there is no concept of blasphemy in Hinduism. 

It’s not surprising that, many of the Hinduism’s literature are in the form of question-answer, be it Bhagavad Gita, various Upanishads, Puranas. Debates and discussion were always part of our cultures. 

We are the religion which taught Charvaka and Bhagavad Gita side-by-side in our universities, so that people can compare, question and choose their path wisely.

So, question everything, every aspect, because at the root of every question there is a key to the answers that will lead to higher levels of progress.

BTW, Don’t stop at asking questions alone, go on finding answers by YOURSELF. 

From my experience, I can tell, you will get help whenever you get stuck, you just need to be earnest in your efforts, show the conviction, and sincerity.

Also, please remember, everyone’s curiosity is different; different people get satisfied with different levels of answers and have their own pace. So instead correcting others, focus on own questions-answers.

A very simple algorithm might looks like this:
1. Question 
2. Read, Explore, Contemplate, reach-out to find answers 
3. Using answers evolve your understanding 
4. Again Ask new Questions 
5. Repeat 2-4, until there are no more questions left.

All the Best!