Relevance of Gita in Today’s World

We humans want to be “Happy”, and we spend our whole lives finding and achieving that.

We go after Money, Great Careers, Hottest Partners, Biggest Houses, Exotic Vacations, Tastiest Food etc.., only to find that these are temporary satisfactions, which don’t even last durations we have them.

This is where Bhagavad Gita offers help. It presents method to help us to look within ourselves to find our true nature. Once we know our true nature, it’s easy to find what makes us Happy, and enjoy that happiness forever.

These methods in Bhagavad Gita, focuses on us, as humans, so there is no time aspect to them. Due to that knowledge in Bhagavad Gita is as important today, as it was in any given time in past, and will be important for any given time in future.

Also, there is no reason why only Indians have this privilege of using it, it is for everyone.