Important Ingredient

From the writings and story of Sant Dnyaneshwar, we can see that, he went from being ‘angry with the people’ to ‘one who could write below’, in a matter of a few years.

विश्वाचे आर्त माझे मनी प्रकाशले । अवघे चि जालें देह ब्रह्म ॥१॥ (Marathi)
Universe has manifested in my mind, everything has become part of Brahman.

How did he do it? Maybe the grace of God/Guru, but why only to him or select few?

As we have seen in an other writeup, one of the reasons is, spiritual progress we carry forward from earlier lives.

But, what in this life that made him reach the ultimate destination with relative ease? What ingredient he had that most of us don’t have.

Maybe this shloka from Katha Upanishad will help us understand that important ingredient he had and most of us lack.

नायमात्मा प्रवचनेन लभ्यो न मेधया न बहुना श्रुतेन ।यमेवैष वृणुते तेन लभ्यस्तस्यैष आत्मा विवृणुते तनू्ँस्वाम् ।। (Katha Upanishad 1.2.23)
This Atman/Brahman cannot be attained ‘only’ by the studying scriptures or having good intelligence or by hearing discourses; In order to attain it, one needs to have ‘attaining it’ as the ‘only desire/goal’ for their life, to such person Atman reveals it’s true nature on its own.

Most of us, like Sant Dnyaneshwar, also want to attain Atman/Brahman, but we also want a good life, all comforts, a good job, good food, big house, big car, family, and endlessly many more things… No wonder we struggle so much to make spiritual progress.

BTW, When we will reach a state where we ‘ONLY’ want self-realization and nothing else, the Self itself will come forward and reveal itself.

All the Best!

PS: Terms like self-realization, attaining atman/brahman, moksha, mean the same, and you will find me using them interchangeably.