Life, A Guru!

As we saw in many earlier posts, we are born here to repay(or reap) karma from earlier lives. 

That means, every situation we face in this life, is due to our ‘mishandling’ of similar situation in earlier lives. 

By ’mishandling’ I mean, we handled it in such a way that, it created new karma, that we are repaying now in this life. 

But, If we handle it correctly this time, we will have a chance to break the cycle of karma and eventually breaking the cycle of life/death altogether. Lets understand it through some examples.


If someone is troubling us for no reason, it’s because we did the same thing to them in earlier lives and we are just repaying it now. 

Most probably, we both, have been going through this cycle of ‘They trouble us and we hate them, next life we trouble them and they hate us’, forever. 

So, in this life, while we should put every effort to protect ourselves, we should consciously keep the hatred/malice out-of-our-mind, that way, we will break that cycle.


Another example would be, when we are required to help someone. That happens when ‘other person had helped us in earlier lives, expecting us to help them back in return’, so here we are, repaying that debt back.

So, in this life, when we help someone, let’s help with best of our abilities, without expecting anything in return, that way, we will break the cycle of karma.


This way, there are many situations in life, and if we respond consciously in every situation, we would have lived life as a Nishkam-Karma Yogi, inching closer to breaking this cycle of life/death altogether.

So, let’s treat life as a Guru, which is giving us an ‘On-job’ training, on mastering the art of Nishkam-Karma.