Best Way to Worship

What is the best way to worship? There are millions of suggestions by various learned gurus/pandits, telling people what to do. 

Some say, doing nam-japa is good, while other says reciting strotras is good; there are many others who specify detailed rituals with various steps.

So, what should we do, whom should we listen, how do we determine what is the best way?

Goswami Tulsidas gives one of the best answers for this situation. 

तुलसी अपने राम को, रीझ भजो या खीज। धरती में सब उगत हैं, उल्टे सुल्टे बीज।।

Seeds, be it straight or upside down or anything in-between, all of them germinate; in the same way, worship, whichever way it is done, still fructifies. 

This way, rather thinking about method, just worship whichever way it feels good at that moment, be it Japa, singing, ritual, strotra. meditation, or just seating in peace. What’s important is doing it, it doesn’t matter how do we do it.