Human Life

We are born to spend the karma accumulated in earlier lives, and while spending accumulated karma we end up creating new ones, which lead us in turn to take additional births. This way cycle of birth and death, known as Samsara, continues.

Depending upon the accumulated karma, one may go through many different life forms (like various animal/plant species etc) before getting human life once again.

Unlike animals/plants who are completely bound to natural instincts, we human have ability to overcome it, both, positive and negative way. Due to that Human life is the only place where one get to make spiritual progress (or regress), or add (or reduce) accumulated karma.

Given that we may go through millions of life forms before getting a human life again, it might be multiple thousands years, before we will get another opportunity to be human.

We might not have given a thought, but this current human life of ours, is an extremely rare event, something like, once in a “thousands lifetime” opportunity.

Given that, it is so rare, do we really want to waste this on proving someone I-am-better-than-you? OR hating-someone-who-doesn’t-matter?

This is a question to each one of us, How do we want to use rare chance? And it’s for us to answer for ourselves; we have to make a choice.

So choose wisely, let’s make this life count in bigger scheme of things, for our own selves