Published Articles

Over the last few years we have published few articles in magazines like Prabuddha Bharata ( and Vedanta Kesari ( Below is the summary of the articles published.

1. Perspective on Death:
Death is the most mysterious thing in human experience. There is no way we can know what happens after death or for that matter if anything happens at all. In the history of human race, every civilization and religion has tried to understand this mystery with imagination and logic. An attempt is made here to understand different perspectives of death in Hinduism. (page#36)

2. Food and Karma:
All living beings originate from food, draw sustenance from it, and finally merge into it and hence ‘Annam Brahma’ [Food is God], says Taittariya Upanishad (3.2.1). This ultimate importance has been given to food in shrutis. If this is the case, most of us would think, do we really need to worry about Karma while having food? The answer is yes and no. (page#37)

3. Is God Unfair?:
While going through difficult phases of life many people think: ‘Why is this happening to me? Why is God doing this to me? I did so much good for others but still, why are such bad things hap­ pening? There are lots of people doing so many bad things, so why is God not punishing them? This articles tries to analyze these questions through the point of view of Karma Yoga.