Suicides are like “kicking the can down the road”. The situations one is trying to run from will again re-appear in next lives, as this karma still remains unpaid. So, Instead of trying to run away, one must face it, and be done-with that part of karma.

Life is tough and we all are vulnerable, there will be moments in each of our lives, when things may feel un-bearable, but we need take this as a passing ‘karma-phase’, and live through it, and seek professional help if needed. 

As we know, we are born to repay(reap) the prarabhda karma from earlier lives, so there will be moments that will make us happy, sad, challenging, frustrating, miserable, and that’s part of being born in human life. 

Goal here is to make spiritual progress, while doing our part in various situations in life, so that we can get rid of being in cycle of life and death, and be one with the natural force some call God.

It’s very important that we train our minds, to know the reason of the life, and the goal we are here to achieve, so that it guides us in the vulnerable moments. And, we also need to set ourselves as examples to our children too, so they to learn how to handle their lives too.